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KCA Mission

Our mission is to protect the interest and resources of Kansas farmers by creating a desire to grow cotton through research, promotion, and education.

KCA History

The Kansas Cotton Association serves as a voice for those who grow and gin cotton in Kansas. The organization was founded because three gins recognized that a need among the cotton community in the state needed to be met. That need is still being met through the organization’s efforts today.

Join KCA

The Kansas Cotton Association’s purpose is to serve cotton growers in the state and advocate for the fiber crop whenever and wherever possible. Hear about the ongoing efforts of the organization from President Gary Feist.

KCA Update

Cotton is a relatively young crop in Kansas compared to others. Despite that fact, it has proved to be prosperous. What does the future look like for growing cotton in Kansas? KCA President Gary Feist shares his thoughts.

Kansas Planting

In this video, the Lahey family of Southwest Kansas share how they choose to grow cotton in the sunflower state. Cotton is quickly becoming a staple in Kansas agriculture, and the time to get involved in the industry is now.

Kansas Spraying

Spraying for pests and weeds is an essential part in caring for cotton and promoting good yields. Tom Lahey shares how he chooses to spray his cotton during this time of year and also shares what he knows about 2,4-D resistant cotton, which will aid many farmers who share yield and crop loss concerns.

Kansas Harvest

The goal of increasing cotton production in Kansas makes progress each day but can truly be seen during harvest time. Southwest Kansas farmer Tom Lahey shares his experience with cotton at this time of the year in this video.